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Capt Arthur de Bells Adam (MC)
1885 - 1916

CPL David Wallace Crawford
1887 - 1916

Lce-Corpl John Joseph Nickle
1894 - 1916

Pte 17911 Morton Neill
1897 - 1916

Lieut Edward Stanley Ashcroft
1883 - 1918
Lieut Edward Stanley Ashcroft

Lord Kitchener makes appeal

Lord Kitchener makes his famous appeal for volunteers, 100,000 are required. This national campaign has the attention locally of Lord Derby. He meets with Kitchener to discuss the possibility of raising one battalion of men drawn from the business community in Liverpool. Kitchener approves of the idea and leaves the responsibility for arranging this venture with Lord Derby.

The process of recruiting began with Lord Derby writing to all of the major employers within Liverpool asking them to release all eligible men for military service. He fully recognised that these were professional men in well paid employment and therefore asked that the employers should consider the offer of a minimum of 50% salary to be paid to the families of these men whilst they were serving.

The employers agreed to form a committee and drafted a message to be sent to all staff in their employ urging them all to attend a meeting, which Lord Derby had notified them of, on the evening of the 28th.

Killed On This Day.

(104 Years this day)
Wednesday 9th August 1916.
Sgt 15718 Charles Kenneth Imison
27 years old

(104 Years this day)
Wednesday 9th August 1916.
Pte 36764 Thomas Christopher Jervis
19 years old

(104 Years this day)
Wednesday 9th August 1916.
Pte 22247 Thomas Pemberton Saul
27 years old

(102 Years this day)
Friday 9th August 1918.
2nd Lieutenant Frank Pockett Mccormick
28 years old