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Capt Arthur de Bells Adam (MC)
1885 - 1916

CPL David Wallace Crawford
1887 - 1916

Lce-Corpl John Joseph Nickle
1894 - 1916

Pte 17911 Morton Neill
1897 - 1916

Lieut Edward Stanley Ashcroft
1883 - 1918
Lieut Edward Stanley Ashcroft

Capt Arthur de Bels Adam (MC)

  • Age: 31
  • From: Hooton, Cheshire
  • Regiment: The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 18th Btn
  • K.I.A Saturday 1st July 1916
  • Commemorated at: Thiepval Memorial
    Panel Ref: P&F1D8B &8 C.

Arthur had been a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve for five years previous to the outbreak of the War and only been retired from the RNV for a couple of years due to business. At the outbreak of the Great War he was one of the first officers selected for the 18th (Service) Battalion of The Kings Liverpool Regiment.

Arthur was the son of Mr. John Adam and Mrs. Adam, of Brook Meadow, Hooton, near Chester, and was a partner in his father’s firm (Messes. J.L. Bowes & Bro), spending time in the USA and India representing the company. Arthur was interested in outdoor sports and was the secretary of the Royal Rock Beagles as well as being a member of two packs of Otter Hounds, wining the Cheshire Beagles point-to-point race in record time on three occasions.

He landed in France with the Pals in 1915, he was awarded the MC in January 1916 for his action when the enemy made a bombing raid in strength, Captain Adam along with his men gave the Germans a warm welcome forcing them to retreat badly beaten and with larger casualties then the 18th suffered.

The first attack of the Somme July 1 1916, while the 17th & 20th btn moved swiftly with low casualties this was not the case for the 18th, a German Machin Gun post was aimed at their ranks and slowed down their advance, Captain Adam headed up a raiding party and took out the gun post enabling the battalion to advance. Captain Arthur De Bels Adam MC sadly lost his life in the assault. His Colonels report stated that it was due to this gallant officer and his insight that the fortunes of the terrible day went with the British troops. At a critical moment of the conflict when the Germans held an advantage it was the action of Captain Adam that solved the problem and disposed of an enemy post that had held up the advance. Captain Adam was killed at the moment of his success. A truly glorious death!

His brother Lieutenant Charles Adam also served int the same battalion of the Pals had been wounded in February the same year and had only just been transferred to a London Hospital at the time of his brother’s death.

Killed On This Day.

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